Wacool G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Wacool G1 is a typical middle-class robot cleaner powered by a positioning system of gyroscope and acceleration transducers. 
It is featured with auto cleaning, auto charging, smart Mapping on APP, Voice alerting, App &Remote control, simplized operation procedures, LCD screens and touch buttons. 
Multiple cleaning modes including auto cleaning, zigzag cleaning, edge cleaning and spiral cleaning, upon your orders from APP or remote control
Wacool G1 cleans most types of floor surfaces

Start your Wacool G1 from Remote control or App, or by touching the button on the robot. Wacool G1 cleans floors including marble, ceramic, wooden floors, laminated floors, and climbs over carpets/rugs with less than 2cm thickness. 
Only 7.4cm in the Height.jpg
Slim design, only 7.4cm high
The slim designed robot can clean underneath areas under sofa, beds, desks, chairs, or other furniture underneath locations. 
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Make smar cleaning paths automatically
Wacool G1's smart system enables itself to navigate and decide it's cleaning paths automatically. If there are multiple rooms to be cleaned, it will judge and form the running path according to the algorithm of firmware.
APP Control01.jpg
Control Everything from your App
All operational modes are combined in the App. You can schdule cleaning time, start/pause/wake up the robot via the APP. You will receive messages from App
 if the robot is blocked, tangled, etc. 
High efficiency in cleaning performance
During cleaning process, if the robot is disturbed by low power, it will go back to charging station automatically for recharging. When fully charged, the robot will
go back to the pause point to resume. However, if it is moved manually, it won't
go back to pause point.
Cleans 80-150 sqm in one charge
Wacool G1 can clean 80-150 sqm floor in one full charge. Users can set up multiple cleaning schedules for repeating plans. For example, morning plan 9:00 a.m., once it finishes mission, it will go back to dock station for 3-4 hours charging; afternoon plan 3:00 p.m., the robot will start another cleaning mission by 3:00p.m. after it's fully charged.
Longer running time
The 2500mAh lithium battery can provide enough for the robot with consistant cleaning between 110min-180min, depending on which level of vacuuming power you choose, and what type of floors it is cleaning. Cleaning time will be shorter when walking on carpets.
Multiple Cleaning Modes with 2500mAh Li-ion Battery.jpg-02
Precise Auto Charging

180 degrees angle to receive and send signal between the robot and charging 

station. G1 finds the station and charges itself faster and easier than ever before.

Wacool G1 package
What's in the package
Wacool G1 Standard Package:
G1 robot cleaner
Charging Station
Cleaning Brush
Back up filter
Side Brushes